Why to Use a Print Production Specialist

The first reason to use a print production specialist is that there are substantial cost savings to be had.  Price isn’t everything but in direct mail this is a great place to realize savings.  A print broker specialist does more mail volume with printer companies and has the experience and is qualified to estimate print jobs, regardless of the size.  The reality is you’ll likely end up getting huge savings.  If you tried to go directly to the printer you may not be extended terms and your pricing would typically be 30%-40% higher than what a good knowledgeable broker could get you.

The second reason to use a print broker is that you are getting years of expertise in printing and marketing at no additional cost.  Maybe you are new to direct mail or maybe you are experienced, either way you are undoubtedly unaware of some of the tricks and formats that work and this will save you money.  A print broker specialist will know all this information and will not only be able to save you a lot of money but will be able to provide you creative ideas to maximize your return on improved acquisition and retention marketing packages.

The third reason is time.  You can spend wasted days getting pricing from multiple printers, not realizing that your piece might not be a good fit for those printers.  Some may not bid on it, and some may try to subcontract it out to another printer with a better fit. A print production specialist leaves you with more time to focus on your business. It frees up the constant emails or phone calls to all your print suppliers. It also gives you more time to focus on bringing in more money. You’re not wasting time searching for the best or cheapest from the thousands of printers. A print broker already knows who can print what and who they can get the best price from.  You leave everything in the hands of your print production specialist.

Overall, you can see using a print broker specialist who has experience and connections can make your life easier and your business more profitable. 

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